Fated - Book 6 in the Relentless Series

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Christian Kent has many labels – warrior, protector, friend, lover – but the one label he never wanted was mate. In his lifetime, the only girl he has ever loved, was the one he couldn’t have. He left her to protect her heart, but his own will always belong to her.


As a girl, the one person she believed would never hurt her broke her heart. Now a warrior, she’s loving life and living for the next adventure. She’s put the past behind her, including the man who walked out of her life.


Fate brought them together once, and it’s not done with them yet. When they are suddenly thrown together to battle a lethal new foe, sparks fly and old feelings resurface. Chris will have to work hard to heal the rift between them. But will she be able to let go of the old heartbreak and open her heart to him again?  Can they come together before the threat they are facing tears them apart forever?

Want more Sara and Nikolas? Fated will contain a special bonus scene told in Nikolas's POV that you won't find anywhere else.

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What people are saying about Fated

"Fated has all the intensity of the Relentless trilogy, wrapped up in one brilliant story."

- Melissa Haag (Judgement of the Six)

"Nonstop thrills, fun, and romance. Having the Relentless gang back together felt like reuniting with treasured family members—ones who know just how to tickle my funny bone. She is a kickass new addition to Team Mohiri and the perfect mate for Chris. Not only is their love fated, it’s hot as hell!"

- Nikki Jefford (Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter)

Monthly Tidbits



I jerked as an errant spark of Fae magic set me back on my ass. It wasn’t enough to do damage, but it felt like I’d grabbed the end of a low voltage wire.


I let out a moan. “Son of a bitch.”


“Sorry!” Sara fell to her knees beside me. “Are you okay? Did I get you?”


Her eyes widened and she reached out to pat the side of my head. “Oops. You’re smoking a little.”


I gave her a suffering look and her lips twitched.


The other rider dismounted, facing away from us, and I couldn’t help but admire the figure she cut in her jeans, boots and black leather jacket. There weren’t many things sexier in my book than a woman riding a Harley.


She removed her helmet and I watched as she shook out long blonde hair that tumbled past her shoulders. Her hand came up to smooth down one side of her hair, and I found myself waiting for her to turn around so I could see her face.


Jordan said something to her companion as they removed shopping bags from their saddle bags. Feminine laugher floated toward me.


I frowned. I knew that laugh…


The women turned toward me and a jolt of recognition stole my breath when I saw Jordan’s friend’s face. Shock rippled through me.


“Don’t wait up,” she called as they drove away.


I turned back to the SUV to find Nikolas watching me curiously. No doubt he’d noticed me staring at her, but he wasn’t the type to mention it. That was a good thing because I had no idea what to say.


“Do you think it’s safe to let the three of them out in the city like that?” Raoul asked as we climbed back into the SUV.


“They can take care of themselves,” I said. Then I thought about a club full of men staring at her in that dress, and an unpleasant burn started in my stomach.


Raoul scoffed. “I’m worried about the city, not the girls.”


We laughed and Nikolas and I shared a look.


“You have the receiver for that tracker?” I asked him.


He patted his front pocket. “Right here.”


“We’re not breaking the bond,” I said gruffly.


Nikolas’s brows rose in question.


“We have things to work out but it’s nothing I can’t handle.” I gave him a sheepish smile. “There may be some groveling involved.”


He burst out laughing.


I scowled. “You’re going to enjoy this, aren’t you?”


He leaned back into the couch, wearing a devilish smile.




“Don’t tell me what I want.”


Her chest heaved and color rose in her cheeks. I wanted nothing more than to pull her to me and kiss those lips I’d spent too many hours thinking about.


“Okay. Then I’ll tell you what I want.”


I walked toward her and she backed up until she was in a corner with no escape. Her eyes were wide as I reached up to graze her jaw with my fingers.


Instead of claiming her mouth, I leaned in until my lips brushed against her ear. I smiled at the shiver that went through her.


“What I want is you.”


He reached out and took her hand, lifting it to his mouth.




Something dark and primal surged in me and my vision tunneled on the lips brushing against the back of her hand. I heard the sound of breaking glass, but my attention was riveted on her.


The man released her hand and she smiled again before she and Jordan walked away from him.


“Feeling a little rage there, my friend?” asked a voice laced with laughter.


I looked over at Nikolas, and followed his gaze to the crushed glass in my hand and the Scotch-soaked patch on the front of my shirt.


Her brow furrowed with concern. “Are you okay?”


I winced and put a hand over my eyes. “I’ll let you know as soon as my head stops threatening to explode.”


“That’s what you get for drinking yourself into a stupor,” she scolded. “Whatever possessed you to drink demon liquor?”


“It was Niall’s fault,” I moaned into my hands.


“Yes, I’m sure he forced it down your throat,” she said without an ounce of sympathy before she got up and strode into her bedroom.


With herculean effort, I managed to sit up, only to sag back against the cushions as the room spun wildly. Sweat broke out on my brow and I swallowed as my stomach began to revolt.


“Kill me now.”


Chris wrapped one arm around my waist and used his other hand to turn my face toward his.
“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to hold you like this?” he asked huskily, sending a shiver of pleasure through me.
He trailed a finger down my throat to my collarbone.
“To touch you like this.”
His mouth was so close I could feel his warm breath.
“To kiss you like this.”
“Oh,” I breathed.

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