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Haven is Roland's story and it takes place after the trilogy storyline. More info to come.


Coming May 2, 2017


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Monthly Teasers



I tried to ignore the pit that opened in my gut every time someone brought up the annual gathering. Pack members from all over Maine came to discuss pack business and socialize. That wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that every unmated female in the state would be here, hoping to find a mate.


All it took was for one of them to get my wolf’s attention, and it was game over.


The new females looked to be in their early twenties, and my hope they were mated was dashed when they looked at me with unabashed interest.


I was starting to feel like an unwilling participant in a werewolf version of that bachelor reality show my mother liked to watch. But humans could give the ring back and go their separate ways if things didn’t work out. There was no out once your wolf imprinted on another.


You keep it in your pants, I warned my wolf. Those females are nothing but trouble.



She smiled and I was struck again by how beautiful her eyes were. How had I not noticed that about her the night we met?


“See you around,” I said as I opened the door. I shut it behind me and stood outside, listening to her slide the bolt. Part of me wished I was still on the other side of that door with her, while another part of me said I should run far and fast.


“Oh, man, this is not good.”



I stared at him. “Did you miss the part where I said I didn’t want a mate yet?”


Pete shrugged. “Listen, your wolf will choose, whether it’s now or in five years, and chances are, it’ll be one of the females you meet this summer. Who knows, you might even hit it off with one of them.”


I shook my head. “They’re too clingy and they’d rather feel me up than have a real conversation.”


Pete barked a laugh. “Did I just hear you complain about girls wanting to make out instead of talking to you? Hold on, let me get out my phone so you can say that again. Sara won’t want to miss this.”


That kiss. Damn. I’d kissed a lot of girls, but none of them had responded to me like that, turning me on until I could barely form a thought. She’d set my body on fire, and if she hadn’t stopped us, I might have taken her right here in the grass where anyone could have found us. The thought left me ashamed and excited at the same time.


It’s not you.


Her words were stuck on repeat in my head. How many times had I uttered them to the human girls I’d dated when I’d broken it off? I’d never realized how awful it felt to be on the receiving end. Karma had just bitch-slapped me, and man, it stung.


“Damn, Roland, why didn’t you tell me?” Paul asked, his voice full of shock.


I shot him a sideways look. “Tell you what?”


He backed away, rubbing his nose. “Phew, man, you reek of it.”




“The bonding scent. I guess it’s true that you can’t smell your own.” He looked toward the party. “Which one is it?”


“Which one –?” My stomach lurched as the meaning of his words hit me.


No. No way! This is not happening.


But it was.


My wolf had imprinted.

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