Knight (Fae Games 2)

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Jesse risked everything to bring her mother and father home, but her life is far from back to normal. With her parents’ memories of their abduction gone, Jesse is no closer to finding answers, and the threat still looms over her family.


When the Agency announces that a powerful Fae artifact is missing, Jesse suspects it’s connected to her parents’ disappearance. Until the artifact is found, her family will never be safe. This job might be more than she can handle alone, but is she willing to accept help from the people who betrayed her, from the one person she is trying hard to forget?


The only thing Jesse knows for sure is that the game is not over. The rules have changed, there are dangerous new players on the board, and the stakes are higher than ever. She’s always been smart and resourceful, but it might take the goddess herself to save Jesse from what comes next.

Bonus scene alert!

There will a special bonus scene at the end of Knight. It's a scene from Pawn rewritten in Lukas's POV.

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Knight - Chapter 1 - Caitlin Kelly
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Trey pulled me into a tight hug and lifted me off the ground to swing me around. “You’re the best!”


He set me back on my feet and wrapped an arm around my waist to steady me when I slipped on the ice.


Laughing, I pushed him away. “You’re such an…”


The words died on my lips when I looked past Trey and into a pair of midnight-blue eyes.


Lukas stood less than ten feet away, his face carved from stone as his gaze shifted from me to Trey, who still had one arm loosely around me. Our eyes met again and my traitorous stomach did a little flip before it hardened in anger.




My heart lurched and I spun to face Conlan who stood a few feet away. His face was illuminated by the street light, revealing a shadow of the easy smile he always used to wear.


“What are you doing here?” The practical part of my brain told me I should be afraid. He was a member of the Unseelie royal guard, and the last time I’d been this close to him, he’d looked at me with contempt. But hurt and anger crowded out every other emotion.


“You know what, I don’t care.” I showed him my back as I started gathering the grocery bags.


“Let me help you.” He moved in to take the bags from me.


“No. It’s a little too late for your help.”


“I didn’t crash your friend’s party. I came as the date of one of his invited guests.”


Lukas’s jaw flexed. “Who?”


I lifted my chin. “Not to be rude, but that’s none of your business.”


“Was it the faerie who gave you that dress?” His eyes dipped to my Fae dress and warmth suffused me.


“Also, none of your business.” I yanked the edges of my coat together. Were we even moving? This had to be the longest elevator ride I’d ever taken.


His gaze met mine again. “Your date is not seeing you home?”


“I can see myself home. Women do all kinds of crazy, independent stuff like that these days.”


“Jesse?” Lukas called.




“Are you going to open the door?” he asked with hint of amusement in his voice. I realized I’d been standing there staring at the door for at least a minute.


I unlocked the door and opened it. “Why are you here?”


He was unfazed by my cool greeting. “I need to talk to you.”


“You couldn’t use the phone?”


“You blocked my number.” He gave me a wry smile that made my stomach do that weird somersault thing. I hated that he could still do that to me, and it only made me more irritable.


I raised my eyebrows. “That wasn’t a big enough hint that I don’t want to talk?”


“I’ve never been good with taking hints.”


Lukas was beside me in an instant. “I thought you said Kaia didn’t hurt you.”


I skewered him with a glare. “She didn’t. This is from that sadist you left me with.”


“Faolin did this? Where is he?”


Snickers came from the other side of the room, and Kerr said, “She killed him. Pay up, Conlan.”


“Not until I see the body,” Conlan joked. “She might have only left him for dead.”


“Glad I amuse you.” I limped past them to get my stuff. Pulling on my coat, I zipped it all the way to my chin. “Always nice to see you guys.”


I made it to the door when Conlan called, “Same time tomorrow?”


Raising one hand, I flipped them the bird and left without looking back.


“I might be paranoid, but I think that Lincoln is following us.”


Violet gasped. “Maybe it’s the paparazzi. What if they figured out who the mystery woman is?” She pulled down the passenger visor and started fixing her hair.


“What are you doing?”


“If it’s the paparazzi, I want to look good for the photos.” She rooted in her purse for a tube of lipstick


I shook my head. “It’s not the paparazzi, Vi.”


“How do you know?”


“How many paps drive around in a Lincoln Navigator?”


“Shit.” She sank lower in her seat as if they were about to start shooting at us. If I wasn’t so worried, I would have laughed.


“I should have brought my phone,” Kerr called. “No one will ever believe me.”


“What…?” The question died on my tongue when Lukas turned to look at me. His nose and the front of his shirt were bloody, and his eyes were as hard as flint.


I gulped and backed up a step, only to come up against Iian, who prodded me to the edge. When I refused to jump down, he said, “He’s not angry at you.”


“His expression would suggest otherwise,” I mumbled, not moving.


Iian chuckled and leaned in to whisper, “You punched the Unseelie prince in the face and almost put him on his ass. Tell me that doesn’t feel good.”


I jumped to the floor below and walked over to stand a few feet from Lukas. Up close, there seemed to be a lot more blood, and I tried not to wince at the sight of it.


“I guess that was long overdue,” he said dryly as he wiped away some of the blood with his sleeve.

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