Knight (Fae Games 2)

Knight Final Ebook.jpg

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Jesse's adventures in bounty hunting continue. Will she discover why her parents were taken? Will she ever forgive Lukas and his men? New dangers and intrigues await her because the Fae games are far from over.




Trey pulled me into a tight hug and lifted me off the ground to swing me around. “You’re the best!”


He set me back on my feet and wrapped an arm around my waist to steady me when I slipped on the ice.


Laughing, I pushed him away. “You’re such an…”


The words died on my lips when I looked past Trey and into a pair of midnight-blue eyes.


Lukas stood less than ten feet away, his face carved from stone as his gaze shifted from me to Trey, who still had one arm loosely around me. Our eyes met again and my traitorous stomach did a little flip before it hardened in anger.

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