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Tempest (A Relentless Novel)

Now Available!


Danielle Danshov has wanted to be a warrior for as long as she can remember. At eighteen, that dream is within her grasp – if she can get through her final year of training, master her Fae magic, and work with the enigmatic new trainer who challenges her as no one else has.


Outside Westhorne, a sinister new threat is growing, and demons and shifters are disappearing without a trace. As the Mohiri search for answers, danger strikes close to home, and the investigation becomes a race to save someone Dani loves before it’s too late.


When Dani’s world begins to crumble around her, she must find strength she never knew she had and harness the power inside her. She’ll need both when she faces her powerful enemy and discovers just how much she has to lose.

If you buy your copy of Tempest direct from my store before March 9th, you are automatically entered for a chance to win one of five signed Tempest paperbacks. Winners will be announced on March 9th.






His expression was unreadable as he looked at me over the hood. We were alone for the first time since we met in the woods, and I was at a loss for words. He was the only male I’d ever met who made me feel like an awkward thirteen-year-old.


To say we’d gotten off to a rocky start was an understatement. Tonight, he’d praised my performance for the first time, and I felt I owed him something in return.


“I’m sorry for knocking you into the brook that day in the woods…and for tackling you tonight.” My fingers twisted the hem of my coat, and I began to babble. “I guess I should also apologize for zapping you in our first training class. I swear it was an accident and not because I don’t like you or anything.” I clamped my lips together. Shut up, Dani.


“Good. I would hate to see what you’d do if you didn’t like me.”


“Where’s the third guy?” I asked, interrupting the warriors’ conversation.


He gave me a questioning look. “I only found those two.”


I went to the basement door, but he put out an arm to stop me. “He could be armed. I’ll go.”


I tried to push past him, but his arm was like a steel rod. “He’s probably still out cold, and I took his weapons.”


Surprise flickered in his eyes, but he didn’t let me pass. He turned and went down to the basement.


“He’s under the stairs,” I called after him.


Seamus barked out a laugh and handed me a towel he’d grabbed from the bathroom. “Nothing like your mom, huh?”


My feet had barely touched bottom when I heard a splash nearby. I gasped and sucked in water when an arm wrapped around my middle from behind lifting me off my feet and towing me toward the shore.

Coughing, I tried to pull away from my would-be rescuer, but he didn’t release his iron grip on me until we were only knee deep in water. The second his arm loosened around me, I spun and thumped my palm against his chest. “What the hell are you –?”

The words died on my lips when I looked up into his wild hazel eyes. His hands gripped my shoulders and the heat of his touch flooded me despite the pouring rain. There was something almost primal in the way he stared at me, making my breath quicken and my chest flutter.

My Mori growled. At first, I thought I’d imagined it because I’d never experienced anything like it before. It came again, and this time, there was no mistaking it. What the hell?

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