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Archdemon – Most powerful of demons. They take many different forms and are impervious to all earthly weapons. The only thing that can kill one is an archangel’s sword.


Bazerat - Brown rat-like creature the size of a pug with yellow eyes, large curved incisors, clawed feet, and stump tail. Found mostly in the Amazon where they live off snakes and birds. Will attack humans if provoked. One or two are harmless, but a whole pack is like a school of piranha.


Femal - rotund, pasty white demons with red eyes and white hair. Physically harmless, but they are known to traffic an addictive demon drug called heffion.



Gargan - a water demon that lives near the equator. It resembles a giant black lobster and it excretes a dark oily venom that paralyzes its prey. Feeds mostly off fish and sea creatures. But it will attack humans. It makes a distinct clicking sound when it feeds.

Geel – wormlike demon in the African desert. It attaches itself to a human’s face and lays its eggs in their throat while they are conscious. When the eggs hatch the young feed off the victim.


Gulak – Broad with scaly skin, bat-like wings, reptilian eyes, and a single horn in the center of the forehead. They are the thugs of the demon community and like to traffic in slaves.



Hurra –Black gelatinous parasitic demon that takes a human host and feeds off the flesh of other humans. The host’s body will die within and year, forcing them to find a new host.


Imp – six inches tall, pale skin, bald, sharp teeth. Wears a loin cloth. Likes to steal things. Considered vermin in the supernatural world.

Incubus – male sex demon that feeds off sexual energy. Looks like a human except for the silver ring around his iris. He can enthrall and arouse humans against their will. They don’t kill their victims.



Kraas – resembles a giant spider with brown spiky fur.



Lamprey - Six feet long, pale gray body, eyes on sided of head, and funnel-shaped mouth with rows of teeth like a lamprey eel. Lives in sewers.

Lilin – A very old incubus that binds his offspring to him. He is as powerful and as reclusive as a Master vampire and he is driven to produce as many offspring as possible during his fertile cycle ever thirty years.



Mori – Parasitic middle demon that gives the Mohiri their strength and speed. Mori can sense potential mates and once they bond it is for life.

Mox – Slender and gray-skinned with white hair. Passive.



Quellar – short with pale skin, long furred face and orange eyes. They are masters at chemistry and are unaffected by Fae magic.


Ranc – Short, thin demon with catlike eyes and small curved horns. Drinks animal blood. Aggressive. Mercenary.


Sheroc - green-skinned with long black hair to their waist and drooping purple eyes. They feed off pain and grief, sometimes driving their victims insane.

Succubus – female sex demon that feeds off sexual energy. Looks like a human with violet eyes. She can enthrall and arouse humans against their will but she won’t kill her victims.



Tana – cousin to the incubus that lives on human energy. It can be male or female and it only feeds off the opposite sex. It kills it victims, leaving behind a husk of dried skin and bones.



Vamhir – Parasitic middle demon that turns a human into a vampire.

Vrell – Resembles a human with a rounded face and curly brown hair. Has black eyes and two small horns in their hair. Passive and normally shy.

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