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Relentless Species Guide


A race of human/demon warriors that protects humans from vampires and other supernatural threats, mainly demons. The Mohiri were created by the archangel Michael after demons began to walk the earth and one demon in particular, the Vamhir demon, threatened the human race. He took a parasitic demon called a Mori and places it inside a human. The Mori made the human immortal and have them the strength and speed to fight other demons, and in return the human gave the Mori a host. Thus, the Mohiri race was created and every Mohiri after was born with a Mori inside.


Young Mohiri are taught to control their Mori, which would take control of their body if it’s not reined in. Despite the symbiotic relationship, Mori are sentient demons with the natural urge to be in command. By the time they reach puberty, a Mohiri lives in harmony with its demon. They are twice as strong as humans when they reach adulthood, but it takes up to a century for them to reach their full strength.


The Mohiri live in fortified strongholds around the world. They believe strongly in family and community, and children are protected and nurtured. They start warrior training when they are thirteen and they become warriors when they are eighteen. Some go on to be scholars, healers, and educators while the rest are dedicated to hunting their main prey and enemy, vampires. Young Mohiri are twice as strong as humans, and they get stronger as they age. They reach their full strength at around one hundred.



The vampire is created when a parasitic demon called a Vamhir infects a human host by attaching itself to the heart and brain stem. The demon takes control of the human, who is conscious of the invasion, but powerless to stop it. Vampires are immortal and live off human blood. They can sire another vampire by sharing their blood with a human, which causes a new Vamhir to grow inside the human. The transformation can take up to 3 or 4 days.


New vampires are twice as strong as a human and they grow stronger as they age. They are fully matured at 100. Over time they will build up tolerance to daylight as well. Older vampires can handle exposure to daylight as long as it’s not direct sunlight. New vampires can’t tolerate daylight for longer than a minute. Vampires can be killed by beheading, fire, a weapon through the heart. Silver burns them. They can be solitary or live in nests of up to twenty. Nests usually have one or two mature vampires and the rest are young.



An old and powerful vampire with powers beyond a normal vampire. They are they only vampire than can compel other vampires, and they surround themselves with a loyal army of vampires. They are almost invincible and only beheading or Fae magic can kill them. They stay in hiding and their identity is their most close-guarded secret. Master are the only vampires that can compel the Mohiri, who are immune to normal vampire compulsion. The only way to become a Master is for a vampire to kill another Master and drain them dry.



Werewolves look like everyone else in their human form. In their fur, they are as big as a bear when they are on four legs. They can stand on their hind legs and use their front legs like arms. They have bristled hair that comes in different shades, short pointed ears, yellow eyes, and a long snout. They are fast and strong and natural vampire hunters. They can only be born, not made. Silver is poisonous to them.


They live in packs with run by an Alpha and his Beta. The Alpha has the ability to command the entire pack with his will, and when he issues a command, it cannot be ignored. Many packs live among humans, but keep their true nature a secret from the humans.


Once a male reaches maturity, his wolf will be able to choose a mate. This is called imprinting. When it happens, the male will release a mating scent that is pleasant only to the female he has imprinted on, and it lets other wolves know he and she are taken. When an imprinted couple has sex, they are mated for life.


Wolves are natural hunters and their hunting instinct kicks in when they reach puberty. They go off hunting at least once a month to contain these instincts.



Immortal that lives in the Faerie realm. Their ancestors were angels that fell to earth and created their own world, hidden from the human one. The angels evolved into a new race of known as faeries. They are the most powerful being in the world. Can transport from one place to another and the mortal enemy of demons. Fae magic is lethal to demons. Beautiful, sexual beings that love mischief and fun.



Human who is born with magic. They need demon essence to make them strong, so they raise powerful demons in corporeal form and hold them captive so they can draw on the demon’s power. The stronger the demon, the stronger the warlock. Their magic allows them to live longer than non-magic humans, and some are known to live for two centuries.



Water elemental. Faerie. Female with beautiful singling voices. Full undines born in the water have no soul unless they mate with a human. When an undine has offspring with a human, only their female descendants are undine. The male offspring are always human. It’s rare to find a female descendant of an undine/human pairing.


Undines, like all elementals, have the ability to heal and their power comes from the earth. Demons fear them because Fae power is lethal to them.


Human females feel threatened by undines and dislike them intensely. Human males have one of two adverse reactions. They either became enamored and protective of the undine or they are driven to darker impulses that result in violence.



Air elemental, faerie, female. In elemental form they look like a three-foot high whirlwind. In faerie form they look like a beautiful young woman. They are sisters of the water elementals.


They have the ability to heal and their power comes from the earth. Demons fear them because Fae power is lethal to them.



Trolls are cousins to the Fae. They are average height, thin, pale gray skin, large, round violet eyes, shaggy gray-brown hair, short sharp teeth. Their appearance is deceptive because they are extremely strong and fast and one of the most feared creatures on Earth. They are not immortal, but they can live to be one thousand.


They live in huge underground cave systems with their clans and are notoriously reclusive. They are governed by their clan elders whose word is law, and they are very protective of their young. They will kill anyone who touches their children. If a child is taken, the clan will rampage, killing anyone who has come into contact with the child, innocent or not.


They have strong magic and they can transport instantly from one location to another. They can extract their own bile, which has powerful regenerative properties. Troll bile can slow aging, stop cancer, and slow degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. It’s known on the black market as the fountain of life or FOY and it is priceless because it’s almost impossible to find. The younger the troll, the more potent their bile.


Trolls have more knowledge about the supernatural world than any other species. They care nothing for wealth or material things, even though they have amassed a vast fortune in precious stones and metals.



Cousin to the Fae. Also known as a gobel. Two feet tall, walnut-colored skin, long wild yellow hair. Long face with owlish eyes, long hooked nose, thin lips, and pointed ears. Has needle-sharp teeth. Wears crude clothes made from animal hide. They steal, torment children and eat small animals. Very unpleasant.


Hale Witch

African witch. Black with red and white markings carved into his face. Get their power from the spirit world and deal in dark magic. They can cripple a mind and their compulsion is stronger than a vampire’s. Can drive a person insane.



Hyena-like creature as big as a buffalo. Large head with rounded ears, wide grinning mouth and a thick maned neck, sloping back. Six-inch claws. Can imitate any voice it hears. Hunts in packs of 3 or more and is known for its ability to track.



A human who can read auras and tell what you’re feeling. They can recognize a vampire and tell when someone is lying. They can be recognized only by the thin gold ring inside their irises.



Also known as a fell beast. Huge hound with long snout, red eyes, long top and bottom fangs, and coarse black hair. They are raised in pairs to be guard dogs and are loyal to their owner.



Small creature with dark skin, squashed face, rounded body, and long spindly limbs. Lives in bogs and is usually covered in mud.



Cousin to the dragon. Size of a large bull with greenish-brown scales, two legs, leathery wings, and large green reptilian eyes. Not as powerful as a dragon, but is smaller and faster. Breathes fire and is aggressive and deadly to humans.



Has a leonine body and the head and wings of an eagle, golden feathers, and golden eyes. Elusive creatures that live in flocks in the remote mountains of southern Africa. The adults are very protective of their young and vicious when provoked. Their blood has powerful magic and warlocks will use it in protective spells against demons.


(Faerie) Water faerie that resembles a large horse. They guard lakes and rivers and are very protective of their territory. They will drown anyone they see as a threat.



A white, furry bat-like creature that is hatched from an egg and lives in a flock. They live off insects and their favorite food is scarab demons.



Water dragon. Ten feet long with a dragon’s head, legs, and wings, and the long, thick body of a snake. Lives in lakes and can fly over water, but struggles over land.


Short with curly hair and pointed ears.



Resembles a honey badger with large fangs and a mean temper. They are born in litters of four that stay together for life and they communicate telepathically. They are often raised to be guard animals.


Resembles a wild boar with coarse hair and tusks, but they have sharp teeth and fangs and the adult bite is dangerous because their saliva causes paralysis and hallucinations. The piglets are less harmful. Native to Mongolia. The meat of a young paluk is sought after because it produced an anti-ageing effect, smoothing out wrinkles and plumping skin.





Archdemon – Most powerful of demons. They take many different forms and are impervious to all earthly weapons. The only thing that can kill one is an archangel’s sword.


Bazerat - Brown rat-like creature the size of a pug with yellow eyes, large curved incisors, clawed feet, and stump tail. Found mostly in the Amazon where they live off snakes and birds. Will attack humans if provoked. One or two are harmless, but a whole pack is like a school of piranha.


Drex - Scaly. Resembles an upright crocodile with poisonous barbs on its hands and feet. It disables its victims by injecting them with venom that creates severe hallucinations. Then it eats them.


Femal - rotund, pasty white demons with red eyes and white hair. Physically harmless, but they are known to traffic an addictive demon drug called heffion.



Gargan - a water demon that lives near the equator. It resembles a giant black lobster and it excretes a dark oily venom that paralyzes its prey. Feeds mostly off fish and sea creatures. But it will attack humans. It makes a distinct clicking sound when it feeds.

Geel – wormlike demon in the African desert. It attaches itself to a human’s face and lays its eggs in their throat while they are conscious. When the eggs hatch the young feed off the victim.


Gulak – Broad with scaly skin, bat-like wings, reptilian eyes, and a single horn in the center of the forehead. They are the thugs of the demon community and like to traffic in slaves.



Hurra –Black gelatinous parasitic demon that takes a human host and feeds off the flesh of other humans. The host’s body will die within and year, forcing them to find a new host.


Imp – six inches tall, pale skin, bald, sharp teeth. Wears a loin cloth. Likes to steal things. Considered vermin in the supernatural world.

Incubus – male sex demon that feeds off sexual energy. Looks like a human except for the silver ring around his iris. He can enthrall and arouse humans against their will. They don’t kill their victims.



Kraas – resembles a giant spider with brown spiky fur.

Krazan - Sleek black feline with silver eyes, stunted ears, and delicate black bat wings.



Lamprey - Six feet long, pale gray body, eyes on sided of head, and funnel-shaped mouth with rows of teeth like a lamprey eel. Lives in sewers.

Lilin – A very old incubus that binds his offspring to him. He is as powerful and as reclusive as a Master vampire and he is driven to produce as many offspring as possible during his fertile cycle ever thirty years.



Mori – Parasitic middle demon that gives the Mohiri their strength and speed. Mori can sense potential mates and once they bond it is for life.

Mox – Slender and gray-skinned with white hair. Passive.



Quellar – short with pale skin, long furred face and orange eyes. They are masters at chemistry and are unaffected by Fae magic.


Rageon - A thirty-foot serpent with diamond-hard scales, ten-inch claws and paralyzing venom.

Ranc – Short, thin demon with catlike eyes and small curved horns. Drinks animal blood. Aggressive. Mercenary.


Sheroc - green-skinned with long black hair to their waist and drooping purple eyes. They feed off pain and grief, sometimes driving their victims insane.

Succubus – female sex demon that feeds off sexual energy. Looks like a human with violet eyes. She can enthrall and arouse humans against their will but she won’t kill her victims.



Tana – cousin to the incubus that lives on human energy. It can be male or female and it only feeds off the opposite sex. It kills it victims, leaving behind a husk of dried skin and bones.



Vamhir – Parasitic middle demon that turns a human into a vampire.

Vrell – Resembles a human with a rounded face and curly brown hair. Has black eyes and two small horns in their hair. Passive and normally shy.

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