Queen (Fae Games 3)


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A loud crackling sound filled the air that felt charged with static electricity and made my hair stand on end. The cemetery was suddenly bathed in a purple glow that caused memories of another storm to flash through my mind. All I could think of was getting my parents away from here.


Behind us, someone shouted. A second later, there was a snap followed by a small explosion. We spun to see pieces of black marble spraying out from where a headstone had stood a few dozen yards away.


“My God,” Mom uttered.


Magic surged around me again. Before I could move, a bolt of purple lightning obliterated a statue, sending stone shrapnel in every direction. I watched in horror as a jagged column of electricity scorched the grass and sped away from the destroyed statue.


Toward us.


“Jesse!” Dad’s voice held a note of alarm that had me spinning to face him. Or I tried to. It’s a little hard to turn when you are suddenly weightless and floating a foot off the floor.


“What the hell?” I grabbed for the window ledge, but it was out of reach as I drifted upward like a helium balloon. My head bumped gently against the ceiling and I put my hands up to brace against it. I fought to keep the panic out of my voice. “Dad?”


He had barely taken three steps toward me when the door opened and Faolin burst in as if he expected to find us under attack. He came up short and his hard expression relaxed into one of amusement at the sight of my predicament.


I glared at him. “Don’t just stand there. Get me down from here.”

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